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NYPD Interrupted A Comedian's Live Set To Escort Out Two Audience Members And Weirdness Ensued

Comic Adam Newman is still not totally sure why police interrupted his show and then told him to "shut the fuck up."

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Comedian Adam Newman shared a video today that was filmed during a recent late night comedy show he had at the UCB Theatre, showing the NYPD barging in to make an arrest and being fairly disruptive.

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Newman told BuzzFeed News he spoke with staff members of the theater who were working the box office during his set, who sort of had an idea of what happened.

"They said some guy came in and accused two men in the theatre of trying to rob him earlier," he said. "But the guys that the police removed from the theatre said that guy had tried to rob them."

Newman, who once went viral after pulling cocaine out of a heckler's coat, added, "I've never had a policeman yell at me on stage before. Dealing with hecklers is one thing, but this was a whole other thing."

Newman pulls what appears to be cocaine out of a jacket he took from a heckler in a video from 2012.

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