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There's A Meme Where People Keep Trolling The Kid From "Everybody Hates Chris" On Instagram

Click on any of Tyler James Williams' photos and, boom, it's full of Portuguese.


There's a meme in Brazil right now where people are posting quotes from the Portuguese dub of the show Everybody Hates Chris on the main actor Tyler James Williams' Instagram.

Instagram: @willtylerjames

It's totally crazy. It's on every photo.

Click on any of Williams' photos and, boom, it's full of Portuguese.

Instagram: @willtylerjames

Users race to figure out the most obscure quote to put on a photo and then hundreds of other people pile on, posting the same quote.

Instagram: @willtylerjames

But it seems like the Brazilian swarm has gotten to be too much to handle. Williams posted this photo on Monday. He appears to have used Google Translate to warn all his Brazilian followers that he would block them if they didn't stop.

Instagram: @willtylerjames

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