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The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Car Dealership Caught On Camera Harassing A Delivery Guy

If there's one thing the internet hates, it's when people don't tip well.

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A video recently surfaced showing office workers having a disagreement with a pizza delivery guy.

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According to the description attached to the video on LiveLeak, the car dealership originally posted the video on their own YouTube channel. The original video is now private.

A used car dealer in Massachusetts pays a pizza delivery guy $20 in one dollar bills on a $12 tab. The driver, thinking he received a decent tip, leaves only to have employees at the dealer call his manager and force him to return to pay them their change, sans any tip whatsoever.

Worse, they seem to think it's funny and posted it. Check the blowhard at the end threatening to call and have the guy fired.


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