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People Are Honoring The Police Dog That Was Killed In The Paris Police Raid With #JeSuisChien

Good dog, Diesel.

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Diesel was 7 years old and “killed by terrorists,” the French national police tweeted.

[INFO] Diesel, malinois de 7 ans, chienne d'assaut du #RAID a été tuée par les terroristes dans l'opération en cours #SaintDenis

Diesel, a 7-year-old Belgian shepherd assault dog, was killed by terrorists in the operation in progress in Saint Denis.

The police have not released any photos of Diesel.

In another tweet, police said dogs like Diesel are “indispensable” in operations like the one in Saint-Denis.

Les chiens d'assaut et de recherche d'explosifs: indispensables dans les missions des opérateurs du #RAID

After the police announced Diesel's death, her name started trending, along with multiple hashtags in his honor. One of the most popular ones is #JeSuisChien or "I am dog," modeled after the #JeSuisCharlie hashtag from January's Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Hommage entre chiens A Diesel... #JeSuisChien


People used the tag to share photos of their own dogs and mourn Diesel's death.

Kitty cousine de Diesel lui rend hommage #JeSuisChien

Diesel. Morte pour la France. #JeSuisChien ❤️

The hashtag started trending all over the world.

Um cão-polícia morreu porque não chamaram a tempo o cão-médico. #JeSuisChien

#jesuischien او انا كلب، هاشتاج للتضامن مع ديزل ، الكلب البوليسى الذى قتل اليوم فى مداهمات باريس. ايه الرقى دة؟


And even a cat got involved.

Even animals are suffering because of ISIS's cruelty... #JeSuisChien

C est peut être un chien mais c est quand même un être humain je trouve cela encore une fois triste. #JeSuisChien

RIP diesel chienne du RAID #JeSuisChien 😥😥

Thank you Diesel for your service! #JeSuisChien

A second hashtag, #JeSuisDiesel, has even more photos of dogs honoring the fallen police officer.

@magicearth_ Respect! #Diesel #jesuisdiesel

@PNationale Charlie rend hommage à Diesel #jesuisdiesel #diesel #raid #rip #chien #police #merci #policenationale

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