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Outrage After Saudi Arabian YouTubers Filmed A Horrifying Suicide Bomber Prank

Passengers in a taxi were filmed with a hidden camera and told that their driver was about to detonate a suicide vest.

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“This new channel is paving the way for young Saudis to present their creative ideas in a different way," Abdul Majeed Al-Rihaidi, programs manager at Tube Up channel, told Arab News.


Recently, Tube Up appears to have released a hidden camera prank where a taxi driver fakes a suicide bombing. The video is no longer featured in Tube Up's channel, but it has been copied by multiple channels and does bear the group's logo.


According to the BBC, commenters were outraged.

"This is stupid," one user commented. "Imagine if the boy was ill or had a heart condition."

"What's more funny than religious extremism caused deaths!? Nothing," another wrote furiously.

Not all users were angry, however. "It's wrong to terrify people like this, but maybe this will help brainwashed young men to realize what terrorism is," one wrote.

You can watch a mirror of the video here:

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