Egypt Is Currently Covered In Locusts And It Is Horrifying And Awful

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1. Thirty million locusts have swarmed over Egypt. And only three weeks before Passover.

2. A locust storm usually passes through Egypt this time of year, but this one is exceptionally large.

3. The massive, living cloud has descended upon Giza and Cairo. Egyptian officials say that, as of now, no major crop damage has been reported.

4. In 2004, Egypt suffered extensive crop losses in more than half of their provinces as a result of a similarly large swarm.

5. Though locust plague patterns can be unpredictable, Egyptian scientists expect this plague to soon be carried by strong winds towards the Red Sea and Saudi Arabia.

6. While the writhing storm of bugs hasn’t done any real damage yet, as you can see from photos, it’s definitely enough to make your skin crawl.

7. And unfortunately for Egypt, after comparing ancient records to modern trends, global warming may be the culprit behind increasingly large and destructive locust swarms.

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Ryan Broderick is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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