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This Amazing Photo From A Debate Between An Anti-Gay Pastor And An LGBT Activist Became A Huge Meme

Just take a guess...

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A public debate was held in Brasília last week between Pastor Silas Malafaia, one of the country's most vocal opponents of homosexuality, and Toni Reis, a professor, social rights activist, and president of the LGBT Brazilian Association.


It was shared hundreds of thousands of times and got picked up by Reddit, who have turned it into a huge meme.

They've made them into a movie poster.

They've made their debate look a little more epic.


Malafaia has been turned into a penguin...

One Ring-obsessed Bilbo Baggins...

And classic Donkey Kong...

They gave him a laptop.

And took both Malafaia and Reis to a strip club (with a secret Joe Biden thrown in there).

Just brutal.


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