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This Woman With Cancer Who Has Amnesia Was Amazingly Reunited With Her Family

Doctors believe the amnesia might have been caused by antibodies from her tumor.

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This woman was found on a street corner in Carlsbad, California, by firefighters in February. She was disheveled and confused, and said she had no idea who she was. She thought her name might be "Sam."

Her amazing story was picked up by Steven Luke, a reporter for NBC 7 in San Diego, who posted her photos on his Facebook. They were shared more than 200,000 times. NBC 7 ran a story about "Sam", and that's when her nephew recognized her.

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Turns out "Sam" is actually Ashley Manetta, 53, Pennsylvania-born, who had been living in Southern California for the last couple years. She never married but has sisters in Colorado and Maryland.

The tip from Manetta's nephew made its way to the FBI, which helped facilitate a reunion. “It was extremely emotional. We were all sobbing. They’re so sorry I had to go through what I did during this time without them,” Manetta told NBC.

Manetta is still undergoing chemotherapy, but she believes that knowing who she is and being reunited with her family will help. She told reporters that she "knows where she is going.”

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