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What Happens When A Teacher Asks Facebook To Send Her Class Postcards From All Over The World

Careful what you ask for!

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Hello, we are a class of students from 6 years to 10 years at the school of the goblins' rock.This year, we are learning about the countries of the world and we would like to receive postcards from the four corners of the world to study the countries.In exchange, we will send you a thank you email (with photos, drawings).Thank you for sharing our message so it can make it around the world before July 2016.We're counting on you.

But it looks like it might not have been the best thing to put on Facebook.

So, if you haven't sent her class a postcard yet, it might be best not to. They probably have enough on the way.


This post has been updated with a tighter translation from the original French.

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