A Customer Noticed His Waiter’s Smile And Tipped Him A Brand-New Set Of Teeth

There's being nice to your waiter and then there's THIS!

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Unfortunately, Maixner has struggled with serious dental problems since he was a kid. He was missing teeth and many of the ones he did have were infected. He didn't have the money to get them fixed either.

All of that changed, incredibly, when Maixner waited on an out-of-towner who happened to stop by the diner. Attorney Fred Boettcher told local reporters that he struggled with similar dental problems as a child.

"No matter what religion you might be or whether you even believe in an afterlife, the way to be satisfied in your life is to be kind to everybody and be as generous as you possibly can be," Boettcher told the local news.

So how does Maixner look after several trips down to Boettcher's dentist in Ponca City, Oklahoma?

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