All The Items Of Clothing Women Have Been Told Not To Wear In 2014

Here’s a reminder of what girls and women still have to deal with.

Women around the world are still being banned, criminalised, or shamed for wearing clothes that are either too “revealing” or that cover up too much.

There are numerous laws restricting what women can wear in countries ranging from France to Uganda. But it’s not just laws that dictate how women should dress; slut-shaming and the policing of girls’ school uniforms are also commonplace.

Here are the items of clothing that have caused trouble for women this year so far.

1. Skirts

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4. Shorts



7. Underwear


8. Make-up


9. Prom dresses and clothing


11. Burqas

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13. Niqab

  • In Australia, it was announced this month that Muslim women wearing niqabs could be forced to sit in glass enclosures instead of regular public galleries in Federal parliament. As Mariam Veiszadeh writes: “There’s a distinct irony in the suggestion that women who are allegedly forced to wear a face covering should be forced not to wear it.”

Take a Hijab Selfie to stand in solidarity with Aussie Muslim women who have been the subject of recent abuse #WISH

— Mariam Veiszadeh (@MariamVeiszadeh)

14. Hijab

Sportschosun Kimkyungmin / Reuters

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