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Mass Hula-Hoop Demonstration Planned For Romney Fundraiser

Mitt is in New York to raise money at the Waldorf-Astoria today. Occupiers plan to confront him with hula hoops.

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Mitt Romney is in New York City today to replenish his coffers at a Waldorf-Astoria fundraiser, and occupiers and union members plan to protest the "job cremator" and "tax evader," according to a release sent out to reporters:

Actions include a funeral procession to memorialize the jobs Romney and his corporate cronies “killed” while making billions in private equity and vulture investments, as well as a mass hula-hoop demonstration to visually illustrate the “Romney Loophole” that lets investors and hedge fund managers like him pay a 15% tax rate, lower than working families and small businesses.

The protesters then plan to march to Bain Capital a few blocks away.

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