Herman Cain Likes, Or Pretends To Like, Rush Limbaugh’s Tea

Limbaugh says Cain “endorses” his tea, but Cain’s enthusiasm seems a bit forced.

Herman Cain sampled the fruits of Rush Limbaugh’s tea company, Two if by Tea, last month at an event in North Carolina.

Cain takes a sip, pauses, frowns slightly, then says “being a man from the south, I know good sweet tea. And this is good sweet tea!”

Limbaugh only caught wind of Cain’s “endorsement” today and is now referring to Cain as an “unpaid endorser” of the tea. Transcript from his radio show today:

“Herman sounds surprised. ‘It is good! It is good!’ So Herman Cain… (laughing) Yeah. Herman Cain is an unpaid endorser, unpaid spokesman, one-time spokesman for Two If By Tea.”

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