Alabama Governor Didn’t Actually Endorse Rick Santorum

The campaign hyped it up, but Alabama governor Robert Bentley just voted for Santorum. Says on his Facebook page it wasn’t an endorsement.

The governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley, voted for Rick Santorum today — but he’s careful to note that it wasn’t an endorsement, despite the Santorum campaign’s efforts to cast it as one without outright saying so.

The campaign sent out an email to reporters the same way it would for a big endorsement, with the subject line “ALABAMA GOVERNOR ROBERT BENTLEY CASTS HIS VOTE FOR RICK SANTORUM.” In the release, Santorum is quoted saying “I am honored to have Governor Bentley’s support.” They also sent out a tweet featuring a picture of the governor and Santorum together.

But judging by Bentley’s response, he didn’t view the vote as much of an endorsement. He writes he has “chosen not to publicly endorse a candidate” and that he “will fully support the Republican nominee chosen by the people.”

(h/t Alex Pappas)

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