This Teenager’s Mugshot Might Be The Most Meta Thing Ever

Clearly a fan of the phrase “sorry, not sorry”.

1. Robert Burt’s jail booking picture has gone viral after he posed for the photograph wearing a T-shirt featuring his previous mugshot image.

Somerset County Jail / Via

The 19-year-old was charged with driving under the influence by Somerset County police in Maine in June.

2. The T-shirt was apparently made by Kory Drake, a co-worker at a Pittsfield restaurant. Burt wore it when he returned to jail to start his sentence of 48 hours behind bars.

Writing on Drake’s Facebook page, Burt said officers “laughed there asses off” (sic) when he turned up.

“They made me hold the sign up so you could see the shirt,” he added.

3. Unfortunately, the booking picture didn’t capture the image of the cat also on the T-shirt.

On his own page, Burt was particularly blunt about his time behind bars, posting on 8 August, “Going to do my 48 hours whoo,” and then, two days later, “I’m out bitches.”

4. According to The Smoking Gun, the “Burt family reunion” caption is a reference to a relative currently in prison.

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