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Ched Evans’ Aunt Claims The Convicted Rapist Will Never Show Remorse

“He deserved to go down as he was found guilty – he did rape her.”

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The aunt of convicted rapist and Welsh international footballer Ched Evans criticised the 25-year-old for not showing remorse, and called on him to apologise to his victim.

Evans was released from prison earlier this month after serving two-and-a-half years of his five-year sentence for being found guilty of raping a 19-year-old woman in a hotel room in 2012.

Speaking to The Sun, his aunt, Nina Evans, said: “He deserved to go down as he was found guilty – he did rape her.”

The 56-year-old criticised the former Sheffield United player for not saying sorry to his victim.

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“Ched won’t grasp or listen," she said. "He won’t admit he’s done wrong. He’ll never show remorse.”

Evans’ release has sparked a heated debate in recent weeks following reports his former club is considering re-signing him.

An online petition calling on United not to bring him back to Bramall Lane has received over 150,000 signatures.

On Wednesday Evans released a video in which he maintained his innocence, confirmed his hope to return to football, and gave details of his attempts to appeal his sentence, but at no stage offered an apology to his victim.

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Commenting on the video, his aunt told The Sun: “It cut me like a knife. I hoped he’d come to his senses and say the right thing.

“What about his poor victim? It’s a massive insult to her.”

Evans appeared in the video alongside his girlfriend, Natasha Massey, who has stayed with him throughout the prison sentence.

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His aunt said Evans “cried like a baby to his mum” because his release terms mean he's unable to go away on holiday with Massey.

“He thinks Natasha’s the victim,” she added.

It has been reported that Evans is hoping to write a book about his experience in prison.

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