How To Register To Vote Online (And Off)

It’s National Voter Registration Day! Let’s get service-y.

Ok so you want to register to vote. I do, too. And I’m not going to lie — even with a plethora of online tools, I found many aspects of the process confusing. Depending on your level of comfort with Facebook-based apps versus appetite for poorly-designed government websites, there are different ways to go. Here are some options.

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Do you want Facebook to help you? Go here.

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Do you want Starbucks on Facebook to help you?

Do you want to be led through all the steps at a fairly (although not completely) easy-to-use National Voting Registry website? A similar step-by-step guide at Rock the Vote (old school!). There’s also TurboVote. All offer nicer user experience (sorry) than the government but can also feel a bit opaque.

Another easy to use tool is over at Our Time.

Do you live in a state where you can register online? That would be Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana,Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon, Utah.

In Washington state, you can register with a Facebook app.

If you live in North Dakota, you don’t have to register at all. Go to the polls with a state-issued ID or piece of mail.

For all other states, check out this list for offline registration.

And to register absentee, check out this guide. So no excuses now. Registering to vote is still sort of a pain in the ass, but it could be worse — like, say, not being able to vote at all.

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