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People Are Gushing Over This Boyfriend's Poster Of His Girlfriend

"Where's mine?"

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So many people said that the poster was super cute after Mabel shared pics of it on Twitter.

Walked into my bfs room to him putting up a poster of me πŸ’• over 2 years & we still in the cupcake phase

"Man this is so fucking cute."

@MabelTaveras @sanna_something man this is so fucking cute

@MabelTaveras @StaySo_Jaded Well this is effing cute

This person wondered about Mabel's shirt, which her boyfriend designed.

@MabelTaveras But where is that shirt from 😍😍


The poster had an IMPACT. This Twitter user, @JoshNickless, had a revelation.

"Where's mine?" someone asked and @-ed.

@MabelTaveras @markdodsons where's mine?


@jorden_tapia @MabelTaveras I swear to god man, let me walk into a room with me hung up on the wall😭😭

Other people shared their own wall dedications.

If you don't got your girl on your wall.. wyd?

@MabelTaveras My mans got a whole damn wall of me😍😜


@MabelTaveras @JordanGtz2 how it be baby πŸ’‹

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