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This Corgi Went To A Museum For His Third Birthday And He Looked Very Happy

Small dog, big city.

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Meet Anakin Dogwalker or Ani. This is him on his birthday in Times Square. Look at how doe-eyed and eager he is, as if he can conquer anything.

Anakindogwalker / Via Instagram: @anakindogwalker

He went to MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art.

Took Ani to MoMA for his 3rd birthday and he was the happiest dog alive✨


So, the doggo was allowed to admire the art, "as long as he behaved," said Rodriguez.

Ryan Rodriguez

"MOMA does not allow dogs or other animals in the Museum, unless the visitor identifies the animal as a service or support animal," a spokeswoman for MOMA told BuzzFeed News.

"He was very comfortable and happy the entire time," said Rodriguez. "Other artgoers stopped to take photos or give him a couple pats and he enjoyed meeting all the random people who came to give him attention."


People were pretty obsessed with the celebration.

@kitisfab @ryanstachio what a little burrito


Then Ani visited a Disney Store, where he was gifted this ~special~ birthday pin.

We went to Times Square and the @DisneyStore gave him a Button to add to the Magic🐭

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