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This Woman Flipped Off Trump During His First Presidential Speech

"She is me and I am her."

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During Donald J. Trump's first speech as president, many members of the crowd held up their middle fingers.

A lot of middle fingers just being held up here. Some sitting in protest during Trump's speech.

— including this woman in a purple parka.

Lots of middle fingers up in the air during Trump's speech

Many people called this unknown woman and her double middle fingers a hero.

@marygeorgant that lady is the hero we needed for today.


And a role model.

@marygeorgant @MadiLAlexander i want to be her when i grow up

Others responded with lyrics from the Beyoncé song Sorry.

Middle. Fingers. Up. Put 'em. Hands. High. Wave it. In his. Face. Tellem. Boy. Bye.

@marygeorgant @EndTrumpsLies 🎶 Put it in his face. Tell him, boy bye! 🎶


One person argued that she was "more qualified" for the office than Trump.

@marygeorgant she's already more qualified for presidency than trump

And these people said that they loved her.

@marygeorgant @BuzzFeedNews I love this woman in purple.

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