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People Are Dying Laughing Over This College Student's Vodka Bottle Measurement

"This is college."

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Another ASU student, Rachel Sakelaris, 21, shared the vodka bottle measurement on Twitter. "I decided to tweet it because as funny as it was, it honestly didn't even surprise me," she said, "because that's a classic ASU move."

People really loved the new metric system.

@TMundlien @rachelsakk ASU #1 for innovation

"V accurate measuring technique," this person said.

@javierandre29 @rachelsakk 😂😂 V accurate measuring technique hahahaha god bless ASU


"Wish I could apply this to Calc 1."

@rachelsakk @papi_ovoxo Wish I could apply this to Calc 1😂

It brought out this person's school pride.

And others just said that it was super funny.

@rachelsakk @Matchu_chutrain I'm dying 😭😂

@laurenbsellers hahahhahaha new amsterdam tho im crying

LMFAO. I'm fucking dead.

Oh, college.

College is gr8

this is college

He said that interested buyers can DM him on Twitter.

Yo I'm just tryna sell this damn microwave will someone please buy it

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