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This Woman Spent So Much Time Building Her Kitten A Palace And He Only Played In It For 10 Minutes


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Here's a ~fun fact~ about the prince so that you can have some understanding of his personality:

"He loves to play with pom-poms, and I am constantly making him more because he likes to take them and hide them all over the house," Ratner told BuzzFeed News.

"Then he forgets where they are and thinks he has no pom-poms and gets upset and cries."

"This could all be an elaborate ploy to accumulate a critical mass of pom-poms for some nefarious purpose," she said.


"[He] has completely ignored it since," said Ratner.

"I don't mind though," she said. "He's a prince— he's allowed to be fussy."

Remy Smidt is a reporter with BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.

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