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18 Stunning Pictures From The Massive Storm That Hit Mexico City

It's not the apocalypse, but it looks like it.

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1. The rainy season seriously started in Mexico City on Wednesday, putting most of the city under several feet of water.


The Inner Circuit, at the height of Chapultepec Forest, turned into a river.


7. It was also raining inside the subway.

@marthadebayle Sera porque aqui tenemos cascadas dentro de el metro????? Asi la estacion panteones Toda una estaci…

Line 2 of the city's subway was literally flooding.


8. Carso Plaza? Also not great.

10. As if the deluge of water wasn't enough, the wind was intense, too.

Atención CDMX se registra intensa tormenta con granizo. Zonas norte, poniente y centro. Varias avenidas inundadas m…


13. Since the subway was a no-go, the streets were filled with people looking for a way to get around.

La línea 7 del @MetroCDMX colapsada del Rosario a Constituyentes. Polanco, el Apocalipsis. @reformaciudad @Reforma…

15. But for some, the beauty was heavily tempered by the fact that the rains had caused massive damage.

#CDMX #Lluvia Tras quedar varado un automóvil comenzó a incendiarse en Euler #Polanco

Like this car that caught fire after getting stranded.


16. The storms continued into Thursday, totally flooding La Villa Hospital.

La pesadilla de todo médico: infecciones nosocomiales por aguas de inundación dentro del hospital.

Patients were evacuated to other nearby hospitals while the mess was cleaned up.

17. The police wound up having to rescue some people by boat from the waters.

La policía y rescatistas de la Ciudad de México auxilian a personas que transitan por la zona de Indios Verdes. Con…

18. And to top it off, a major highway was covered in hail.

PRECAUCIÓN: Lluvia 🌧 y granizo ⛄ en la Autopista y Carretera México Toluca a la altura de la Marquesa. #1

The storms are expected to continue throughout Friday, so good luck out there, everyone.

This post was translated from Spanish.

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