This Woman Definitely Just Had The Worst First Date Ever

It involves both her TV and her $4,000 dog getting stolen.

1. A New Jersey woman called police after a man she was on a first date with stole her Yorkshire terrier and flat-screen TV when she left him alone for a moment, the Daily Record reported.

Dover Police Department

The woman met her date, known to her as “Joel” from Elizabeth, N.J., on an online dating site. After she left him alone at her home briefly on April 17, she said he took her Samsung television, worth $3,000, and her dog, valued at $4,000.

2. The woman called the Dover Police Department around 3 a.m. April 19 to tell police the dog had been left in her yard with its leash tied around the TV.

Dover Police Department

The Yorkie was reported to be in good health.

3. The woman described her date as Hispanic and about 5’9”, wearing a black hooded jacket, blue jeans, and black boots, and driving a gold Mercedes.

Dover Police Department

Police said they now know the man’s real identity, and may file charges.

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