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Many Colorado Voters Think Weed Legalization Makes The State Look Bad

But most of the people surveyed still believe the legalization was a good thing for Colorado, according to a poll released Monday.

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Fifty-one percent of voters in Colorado believe that the legalization is hurting the image of the state, according to a new poll released today.

The Quinnipiac University Poll, which 1,139 voters participated in, also found that 38% of people see it as a positive.

The age of voters seems to make a significant difference in their view of the legalization: 67% of voters older than 65 see legal weed as bad for the state's image, while 57% of voters 18 to 29 see it as a good thing.

Despite the question of reputation, 58% of people surveyed still believe the legalization was a good thing for Colorado.

The poll also measured to what extent people have partaken in the new law: 10% said they have used marijuana since Jan. 1, while about half had used the drug at some point before then.

Though the voters embrace the change, it could be a while until the law is altered again: 81% of voters oppose allowing people to grow more than 12 marijuana plants (though 73% have no problem with a neighbor growing a few). The majority also said they would not be comfortable riding in a car with someone who had consumed "a moderate amount of marijuana."

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