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A Toddler Used FaceTime To Save His Mom After She Was Attacked By A Dog

The tiniest hero.

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Two-year-old Bentley Toone became a hero when his penchant for Facetiming helped save his mom after she got badly injured.


Laura Toone was taking her foster dog for a walk in Tucson, Ariz., when it was attacked by another dog. After she tried to break up the fight, the dog nearly bit one of her fingers off.

Toone was losing so much blood she felt like she might pass out.

"I begged my daughters to call 911 and they're four and they were quite afraid to even touch the phone because it was covered in my own blood," she told ABC News.

That's when Bentley saved the day: "Here comes my son from the kitchen bringing me our dish towel," she said. "He wiped off the blood himself and proceeded to call my friend on FaceTime."

Bentley loves the iPhone, and has become known for making prank FaceTime calls, which has encouraged some of Laura's friends to ignore them.

"Something inside of me just told me that I needed to answer this FaceTime," recalled Laura's friend, Connie Guerrero. "All I could see was his little forehead and I said, 'hi, Bentley,' and it was quiet for a little bit and then I hear Laura screaming."

Guerrero was able to call 911, and Bentley proved a hero again when he unlocked the door for the firefighters. Toone added she has now taught her children how to dial 911.

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