This Guy Used A GoPro To Film His Wife Giving Birth Outside A Hospital And It’s Totally Insane

“I can’t make it!” Not particularly graphic, though there is lots of screaming and a little blood.

1. When Troy Dickerson’s pregnant wife, Kristin, went into labor in the middle of the night, the couple from Rosenberg, Texas, began to head to the hospital.

2. Troy started filming the trip on his GoPro, like he did for the birth of his two young sons, and immediately Kristin began screaming, “The baby’s coming out! I’m not kidding!”

“You need to stop at a different hospital,” Kristin, who was set to to be induced into labor the next day, said between screams. “I can’t make it!”

3. Troy pulled up outside of the Texas Children’s Hospital just after 2 a.m., got out of the car and began to call 911.

“She feels the head coming out,” he told the operator.

4. “You might have to catch him,” she tells Troy, and he laughs and says “OK,” not fully realizing that she’s not exaggerating.

5. Kristin, a childbirth educator at the same hospital, refuses to sit in the wheelchair as the baby’s head starts to come out of her.

“Come on! We gotta get up there so we can have this baby!” Troy urges.

6. But that baby is ready for the world, and they never make it upstairs. “Catch him! Catch him!” she screams. This part of the video has been censored.

“Push! Push!” Troy says to Kristin, yelling to a hospital attendant, “GET A DOCTOR DOWN HERE NOW.”

7. There’s a squishy noise, and then Troy says, “I got him, I got him! He’s perfect! He’s perfect, he’s perfect.”

The afterbirth is visible on the ground.

8. A team of 10 nurses arrive and start attending to the Dickerson’s baby boy, Truett.

9. Then Truett cries for the first time.

10. “You did it!” Troy shouts proudly.

“I got that on video!” he says incredulously.

11. And in case the video wasn’t enough, he snaps a pic.

12. Then, still outside the hospital, he cuts the umbilical cord.

“You did it!” Troy shouts proudly.

13. “I just gave birth in front of three security guards,” Kristin laughs.

14. Finally inside, she asks, “Did that really just happen?”

She adds, “I told you I felt the head!”

15. Moral of the story: If she says she’s in labor, she’s probably in labor.

16. Welcome to the world, Truett!

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