How To Check All The Apps You’ve Authorized With Your Google, Facebook, And Twitter Accounts

Hundreds of Twitter accounts were hacked with a swastika through a third party app, which means it’s probably time to check on your Twitter apps.

Earlier this morning, hackers took over hundreds of Twitter accounts and posted a message in Turkish that included swastikas and a “NaziHolland” hashtag. BBC North America, Reuters Japan, Nike Spain, and Duke University’s Twitter accounts were some of the targets.

A statement from Twitter revealed that the source of the hack was a third party app. The company claims users don’t need to take any action, but now might be a good time to review which apps you’ve authenticated with your Twitter login details and revoke apps that you no longer use.

3. It’s *very* simple. Go to and review all of the apps you’ve authorized.

Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed News

4. Then, click “Revoke access” (obvs).

Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed News / Emoji One

5. You can also access the Apps page by clicking your profile picture > Settings and privacy > Apps.

Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed News

6. While you’re at it, review the apps connected to your Google account.

Nicole Nguyen / BuzzFeed News

From the link above, select Manage apps. Click on the app name and then Remove to de-authorize access.

7. Might as well check your Facebook log ins, too.

Hover over the app name and click the pencil to edit and the “X” to remove.

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