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9 Mesmerizing GIFs Of Dangerous Storms In Tornado Alley

Storm chaser Mike Hollingshead took these images of dangerous severe weather storms in Nebraska. Amazingly, Hollingshead created the GIFs from single photos (not time-lapses or videos) using Photoshop.

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1. This is what a supercell storm looks like in the middle of Nebraska.

Mike Hollingshead / Via

Supercells are rotating single updraft storms that produce most severe weather, Mike Hollingshead told BuzzFeed over email.

3. The supercells may look eerily majestic.

Mike Hollingshead / Via

"Storms such as this attack your senses in a big way. The wind, the shapes, the changes, the flashing lightning and the noise all add to this amazing experience. It is also nice to be chasing it with so many friends," said Hollingshead.


5. But the storms can easily cause destruction.

Mike Hollingshead / Via

"It is really rotating and getting rather crazy looking. You could hear a constant roll of thunder as it approached but never really see any lightning. The sun was really back-lighting this storm now. The more direct back-lighting you get the more it makes clouds look black," Hollinghead described one of the storms.

6. Because storms like these produce the majority of tornadoes.

Mike Hollingshead / Via

"... During this there are some birds chirping. The chirping gets kind of funny as the storm moves closer. It is like they know and are chirping a lot less. You'd hear an occasional chirp and notice it almost sounds like an 'oohhhh crap' chirp,'" he wrote.

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