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This Is What The Universe Would Look Like If It Was Made Out Of Food

Who knew that you can make a black hole out of coffee, sugar, and cinnamon?

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Photographer Navid Baraty created stunning images of the cosmos from common food items found around his house. Check out images from the art project, called "Wander Probe," below:

1. Planet, moon, and stars

Navid Baraty / Via

"The images are made by placing the objects on an Epson photo scanner and then making a scan with the lid open. The planets and moons are made by scanning the bottoms of glasses containing the liquids. The liquids naturally create the shapes and swirls that you see in the images when they mix. The stars and other points of light are made by sprinkling spices and the other ingredients around the scanner glass," Navid Baraty told BuzzFeed over email.

Planet: bottom of a glass containing half and half, water, food coloring.

Moons: bottom of a glass containing coconut milk, water, food coloring.

Stars: salt, cinnamon, baking powder, Tums.

2. Nebula with gas streams

Wander Space Probe / Via

"I've had a fascination with space ever since I was a kid camping in the backyard and looking at the stars through my childhood telescope," he said.

Ingredients: cat fur, garlic powder, salt, flour, cumin, turmeric.

3. Planet and stars

Navid Baraty / Via

"When I see the cosmos through photographs taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and other spacecraft, I’m often left without words," he said.

Planet: bottom of a glass containing half and half, water, food coloring.

Stars: salt, cinnamon, baking powder.


4. Black hole

Navid Baraty / Via

"When I look at the night sky, I'm captivated by its mystery and its unknowns. I think the awe and wonder of space ignites our innate curiosity as humans," he said.

Ingredients: bottom of a glass of coffee, salt, sugar, corn starch, cinnamon.

5. Deep space

Navid Baraty / Via

"I thought it would be fun and exciting to frame the project around the idea of this imaginary spacecraft roaming around the universe taking photos of its encounters," he said.

Ingredients: bottoms of glasses containing coconut milk, half and half, water, food coloring.

6. Distant galaxy

Navid Baraty / Via

"I had a whole story going for a while of how I was selected to be the lead image processor for the WANDER mission since I'm a photographer but have a degree in engineering and that this was a real spacecraft out there taking images. A lot of people actually thought it was real! Eventually I decided to tell people how I really make the images and that WANDER is entirely fictional," he said.

Ingredients: olive oil, sesame oil, water, cumin, cinnamon, flour.


12. Ghostly anomaly

Navid Baraty / Via

Ingredients: butter, food coloring, salt.

"I'd like people to look at these images and think could my fictional creation of a planet or moon or galaxy actually exist somewhere in our universe or possibly even beyond? I'd like for the imaginary explorations of WANDER to inspire others about the cosmos and actual space exploration," Baraty said.

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