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Watch This Message Of Love From The Syrian People On Valentine's Day

"We are a people of love living under a regime of hate."

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This week's round of Geneva II negotiations concluded at a stalemate, with the international community, Bashar Al Assad regime, and participating Syrian opposition groups unable to agree on a framework to stop the three-year long Syrian conflict.

The UN has ceased to update its death toll — counting the dead has become too difficult — but more than 200 Syrians have died every day for the past three weeks, about a third of whom are citizens, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

This month the government siege of Homs and bombing of Aleppo wreaked mass havoc along with regime and rebel fighting. Amid the death, bombardment, massacres, and starvation, Syrians have this message of love for Valentine's Day, shared by Masarat News.

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