22 Reasons Pomegranates Are The World’s Most Wonderful Fruit

It’s hard to be loved by so many.

1. It’s a truth universally acknowledged — that pomegranates are the world’s most wonderful fruit.

2. People all over the world have loved this deliciously red and round beauty for ages.


Pomegranates are native to Iran and Iraq, and traditionally infuse cuisines from the Middle East to the South Caucasus — and lots of delicious places in between.

3. The sweet and tangy fruit is also high in anti-oxidants and jam packed with 50% of the recommended daily dose of Vitamin C.


4. Yes, pomegranates can be a bit strenuous to open and quick to stain anything they touch.

5. (Even Martha couldn’t help but make a mess.)

6. But ultimately their allure is just too hard to resist.


7. Pomegranates are a great conversation starter. There are endless theories about the best way to de-seed it.

8. Some say you should slice the fruit in half, give the sides a little massage —

— and then whack it with all the love you’ve got.

9. Others swear by the style of slicing off the end —

— gently slicing the sides —

— and then submerging what’s left in water to set the seeds free.

Free to be eaten, that is.

10. No matter your de-seeding style, the end result is the same: You get to bask in the fruit’s mouth-watering glory.

11. Pomegranates were born to make the world better — so add the seeds to just about any dish.

Olha Afanasieva

12. Like hummus on toast.

Yevheniya Voyevoda

Recipe here.

13. And homemade yogurt parfait.

Or yogourt, depending on your time zone.

14. Don’t forget drinks, of any persuasion.

15. Pomegranates also pair well with salad greens.

16. And can top off any dessert.

17. Really, they taste great with just about anything, from chicken to rice to beans.

18. Because what makes pomegranates so wonderful is that everyone loves them.

And if someone says they don’t like pomegranates, then they 1) probably haven’t tried the fruit or 2) are lying.

19. Sure, pomegranates have become a bit fetishized these days, with everything from juice to jelly beans on display.

20. But on the plus side, there are now many more ways to get your pomegranate fix.

21. And there’s nothing more wonderful (and good for you) in life than a freshly-squeezed cup of ripe pomegranate juice.

Paul Biris/Paul Biris

22. So embrace your love for the world’s most wonderful fruit.

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