North Korea’s Dictator Is Really Into His Haircut

There are reports that Kim Jong-un is requiring all North Korean males to get his signature cut.

1. Updated: March 27, 10:30 A.M., ET

2. This is North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. He is the infamous ruler of one of the world’s most repressive states — and known for appearing in notoriously photoshopped photos like this. Now, he reportedly has ordered that all North Korean men have his haircut.

3. It’s hard to know if the reports circulating are true: North Korea is one of the most censored countries in the world. According to unnamed sources, new guidelines mandate that all male citizens have Kim Jong-Un’s plush cut, the BBC reported.

Kcna / Reuters

4. While some news reports have referred to the do as the “Dear Leader haircut,” this nickname refers to Jong-Un’s father, and his haircut is based on his grandfathers style, North Korea’s founder Kim Il Sung, according to Animal New York.

5. But we do know that North Korea has regulated haircuts before: the highly-militarized state has prohibited all but 10 hairstyles for males and 18 for females. In 2005, the media campaigned against long hair.

Krt / Reuters

6. Here’s Kim Jong-un working the look while lounging with his wife.

Kcna / Reuters

In December, 2013, North Korean media reported that Jong-un ordered his uncle executed, accusing him of being a traitor. In January 24, he reportedly ordered the family of his uncle, including children, be executed, too.

7. There’s no need to cover up that haircut during surgery.

Kcna / Reuters

In Feb. 2014, United Nations investigators accused North Korea’s government of committing crimes against humanity.

8. Or worry about any of those perfectly-placed hairs getting in the food.

Kcna / Reuters

The government uses an array of abusive tactics — including murder, starvation, slavery, torture, and sexual violence — to terrorize “the population into submission,” according to a report by the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights.

9. With this haircut, you’re bound to win every election.

Kcna / Reuters

On March 10, Jong-un was re-elected to North Korea’s highest legislative body. He reportedly received 100% of the votes cast.

10. This haircut is pretty futuristic.

Kcna / Reuters

North Korea has banned the internet and all independent media.

11. People just can’t help but applaud when they see that ‘do.

Kcna / Reuters

According to Human Rights Watch, an estimated 80,000 to 120,000 people may be imprisoned in North Korea’s secret torture camps.

12. Ladies love it!

Kcna / Reuters

Or at least they have to.

13. It’s all the rage with the youth.

Kcna / Reuters

Forced child labor is widespread in North Korea, where children are often sent on unpaid, school-organized labor projects, according to HRW.

14. And even some celebrities just have to see it for themselves.

Kcna / Reuters

The former NBA star Dennis Rodman made several trips to North Korea and called Jong-un a friend. In March 2014, he announced he would no longer be traveling there, after his trips raised repeated controversy.

15. Kim Jong-un — and his haircut — have even inspired this impersonator in Hong Kong who takes photos with tourists.

Bobby Yip / Reuters

16. So c’mon man, lose the silly hat and show us our favorite ‘do.

Yonhap / Reuters

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