Calls For #ISISmediaBlackout In Response To Brutal Video Of Beheaded American

“No retweets for terrorists.”

The images are horrific: A fighter with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) appears to brutally behead James Foley, a U.S. journalist kidnapped in Syria in 2012, in a video released online Tuesday.

The video and screenshots spread fast — but some on Twitter argued for another approach.

After @LibyaLiberty tweeted out this call, others responded with their own takes.

#ISISmediablackout don't be part of they want you to be. Don't view & share their sickening & twisted propaganda.

— vanainti (@vanainti)

Soon it was trending in cities like Paris and Washington, D.C.

I celebrate life; I do not watch of video of an American journalist's barbaric execution. Or RT it. #ISISmediaBlackout

— Melanie Notkin (@SavvyAuntie)

From here on out, I won't share any photo or video of violence intentionally recorded & released by ISIS for propaganda. #ISISmediaBlackout”

— Fatma Moussa (@FMoussa81)

I'm going to tweet Muslims who are recoiling in horror from ISIS's heinous act - please share *their* views, not ISIS's. #ISISmediablackout

— Emily L. Hauser (@emilylhauser)

#ISISmediaBlackout Medieval times were ones of publicly watching executions. Don't bring them back. Terrorism is the same with a new face.

— Rabia (@wolfzraine)

In recent days, Twitter has suspended tens of accounts affiliated with ISIS. Tweeting graphic content violates Twitter’s rules.

If I see anyone posting image/link 2 the beheading I'll flag account 4 graphic content. Rather offend you than late Foley #ISISmediaBlackout

— Sajad Jiyad سجاد (@SajadJiyad)

The problem with #ISISmediaBlackout is that it's not extensive enough. Don't think other radical elements don't exploit media.

— Phillip Smyth (@PhillipSmyth)

Friends, we who write and comment and use social media can play an important role: #isismediablackout

— Ziya Meral (@Ziya_Meral)

#ISISmediaBlackout These guys strive on attention. Smother them with lack of thereof.

— Heba K. (@MushuThaLohari)

#ISISmediaBlackout to help change the narrative and focus on #jamesfoley's dedication to freedom of press, put water on #ISIS propaganda

— Shaikhspeare, Affad (@socalmoslem)

The only pic we should see of #JamesFoley #ISISmediaBlackout #RIPJamesFoley

— Garreh (@garreh_)

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