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14 Raw Confessions About Gaza From People In Israel

From the anonymous sharing app Whisper: "They are fighting for our government's right to be terrorizing assholes."

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I hope no one else ends up feeling the pain I feel right now… just lost a friend in the war against Hamas.  I wish I could have died instead of him…


I always pray for Gaza even if it's not my country. It's not about religion it's about humanity.🙏😊


My brother went to the army today. I hope gaza and Israel will stop fighting. I don't want him to die.


You don't have to be Muslim to stand up for Gaza, you just need to be human.  ;)


I just don't understand Hamas. They ask for a cease fire. Israel gives it. And then they breach it. Can someone out there explain the logic in this???


Humanity needs a serious wake-up call. Poor kids are dying😔  Pray for Gaza.


They are fighting for our government's right to be terrorising assholes


I really feel bad for Gaza, god be with you and help you.🙏😔


Dear world, lets take a minute to pray for Gaza. 👉Humanity👈


A higher death toll on the Arab side does not mean the israelis are more evil it means Israel is successful in protecting its civilians and the terrorists are successful un using their own people as human shields. This has been their strategy for years.


the best man i ever knew died today in gaza, 18 years old and high on life. what the fuck went wrong


after you shoot a baby in gaza it sure looks like youre not going to sleep for the rest of your life


Gaza is burning because of Hamas


i don't blame israel, but fuck it's hard to see so much death

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