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13 Memes That Capture Syrian Disillusionment With Peace Talks

As the bloodshed continues, many Syrians are turning to social media to express their frustration with the Geneva peace process.

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The Syrian opposition remains divided over whether to attend a second round of international peace talks, tentatively scheduled for Geneva in January, to put an end to the country's bloody civil war. Dubbed Geneva 2, the peace talks have been repeatedly delayed by political disagreements between Russia and the U.S., as well as the Syrian opposition's discord.

The Los Angeles Times reports on "Geneva 2," a satirical Facebook page reportedly started by two Syrian activists that invites Syrians to vent their cynicism over the Geneva conference's prospects. The memes uploaded to the page capture some of the doubts Syrians have that an international peace deal can solve the conflict, now in its third year, anytime soon.


6. "To Geneva , Brothers. The Crusaders!!"


Islamist fundamentalists constitute one faction of those fighting the Syrian regime. The main Islamist coalitions in Syria have refused to participate in the Geneva conferences.


11. Mel Gibson: "You going to Geneva 2, Haj?!"


In Arabic Haj is a term of endearment for old men, a title given to Muslims who have made the Haj, a religious rite, to Mecca, and also sometimes interchangeable with bus or taxi driver.

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