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People Are Hoping Taylor Swift's New Single Saves Mariah Carey's Hot 100 Record

"Let's support Taylor Swift on Friday only to save Mariah Carey's record and destroy 'Despacito.'"

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That's right, back in 1996, Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men released "One Sweet Day," a touching ballad about love and loss, and it dominated the chart for an astounding 16 weeks.

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Fast-forward to 2017, and it looks like the record set by Carey and Boyz II Men is in jeopardy as "Despacito" has now notched an impressive 15 weeks on the chart. The reggaeton-pop song by Luis Fonsi, which features Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber, needs one more week to tie with "One Sweet Day," and two more weeks to break the long-standing achievement set by Carey and Boyz II Men.


Naturally, some Mariah fans are not into this...

i swear to god if despacito dethrones one sweet day for the longest #1 i'll officially lose faith in humanity

The lambs — what Mariah Carey fans are called collectively — are not here for it at all.

Can someone dethrone Despacito already? We can't let trash break @MariahCarey's One Sweet Day record...

And some have even tried to make peace with the fact that Carey's classic song could be dethroned.

regardless if despacito beats Mariah's record or not, she's held the record for 20 YEARS. plus One Sweet day has mu…


As you may have heard, Swift recently announced that her new album, Reputation, would be coming out on Nov. 10. Swift will also be releasing a brand-new single tomorrow, as well.

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It's the hope of Mariah fans, along with other factions of #StanTwitter, that Swift's single will gain enough traction to stop "Despacito" from breaking Carey's record.

Me already thanking Taylor Swift for snatching that number one spot away from Despacito and keeping Mariah Carey's…

Of course, people had jokes about it.

"Despacito will dethrone Mariah Carey's record" Taylor:

Some stans are rallying around Swift's new music as a last attempt to save Mimi's chart legacy.

I'm gonna say this, let's support Taylor Swift on Friday only to save Mariah Carey's record and destroy Despacito


Some say they will offer their coins (reluctantly, it seems) to assist Swift's potential domination.

Me supporting Taylor Swift's single on Friday to defend Mariah's BB Hot 100 record from Despacito

Prayer circles have formed.

Taylor Swift is dropping a new single. Let's all focus our energy on getting her to #1 b/c D_spac_to is close to br…

And some Carey fans seem pretty confident that Swift can swoop in and steal that coveted No. 1 spot from "Despacito."

Could Swift be the key to ensuring "Despacito" finally falls?

Taylor's new song keeping Despacito from breaking Mariah's record

Only time will tell.

Taylor will dethrone Despacito. Let's celebrate that!

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