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DiGiorno And Papa John's Got Into A Twitter Feud And It's The Best Beef Of 2017

Feud Season 2: DiGiorno vs. Papa John's.

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On Wednesday, John Schnatter, the CEO of Papa John's pizza company, expressed dissatisfaction with the NFL and its handling of players who kneel during the national anthem, saying, “The NFL has hurt us by not resolving the current debacle to the players' and owners' satisfaction."

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Basically, he suggested the pizza chain's sales were slipping as a result of the football players' acts of solidarity against police brutality. (???)

It should be noted that Papa John's has also been a sponsor of the NFL since 2010 and Schnatter, according to Bloomberg, donated to President Trump's campaign.

Many people had very little time for Schnatter's logic.

Papa John's blaming NFL players kneeling for pizza sales? LMAOOOO


And some found his reasoning downright laughable.

Papa John's out here makin their pizzas in Easy Bake Ovens but blame their lack of sales on black player's kneeling during the anthem. 🤔😣😂😂😂

People were both literally and figuratively not buying it.

Papa John's blames athletes kneeling for poor sales instead of the people kneeling in front of their toilets after eating his shit.

But because this is 2017, the conversation didn't end there. In fact, the social reaction from people weighing in on Schnatter's comments prompted DiGiorno Pizza to enter the fray, thus starting a feud of sorts.


Naturally, people were here for the shade.

The dig was quite "saucy."

@DiGiornoPizza Saucy shaaaaaade 🍕😂

It was a moment perfectly set up by Papa John's, and DiGiorno swooped.

A bold move tbh.

The unexpected diss was a hit.

@iamaytman @DiGiornoPizza I was not expecting shade from this corner of the internet but I'm here for it


Their response was met with...not much enthusiasm.

It seems that people had pretty much declared DiGiorno the winner in this whole ordeal.

Presumably, this wasn't the way they intended this to go.

As the kids say these days, Papa John's had taken an "L."

And folks were not mincing their words.

@PapaJohns "Shitty owner, Shitty excuses for poor sales. Papa John's"

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Papa John's and DiGiorno for comment.

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