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80 Years Of Newsweek Covers That Explained The World

The iconic weekly magazine announced Thursday it's killing its print edition.

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27. But 41 really didn't love this.

Then Vice President Bush gave access to the Newsweek reporter during an election year because he expected it would be a positive profile. It wasn't.

42. And everyone had a glorious 19 months to be stuck in pre-9/11 thinking, a time when bad movies got made and bad covers got picked and THAT seemed like the real catastrophe.

53. And the Next Really Big Thing!

In Dec. 2004, Obama appeared on Newsweek's cover a month after he was elected to the Illinois senate. It was the future president's first national magazine cover. Good call Mark Whitaker!

Special thanks to Sam Register, who keeps the best Newsweek Tumblr account around. Check it out.

With additional research by Rebecca Elliott.

Disclosure: Hastings worked for Newsweek from 2002-2008. He still loves the place.

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