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Romney: It's Gotten "Too Vicious" On Both Sides Of The Aisle

Dinging Obama for class warfare at a Florida fundraiser, Romney calls for cooler heads in the fairness discussion. His latest attempt to reframe the economic debate.

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Speaking at a fundraiser at a country club in Tampa, Florida, Mitt Romney waded into the debate over economic equality with a call for more reasoned rhetoric — and an attack on President Obama, according to a pool report.

"If I'm fortunate enough to become president, I will not do what this president is doing," Romney said. "I don't care what the circumstance is. I am not going to divide America and spend my time attacking any one group of Americans... It's gotten way too hot, way too vicious, frankly, on both sides of the aisle."

Romney also took the opportunity to praise the business leaders in the room.

“I know that you get the impression that government doesn’t like you," he said. "I love you, all right? I love what you do. I want to see entrepreneurs and innovators. I want to see more success. My ambition is to see more and more people able to enjoy the extraordinary benefits of America as you have.”

According to the pool, the fundraiser brought in $2.3 million for Romney.

McKay Coppins is a senior writer for the BuzzFeed News politics team, and the author of The Wilderness, about the battle over the future of the Republican Party.

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