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5 Questions For Mitt Romney On Gay Rights

Mitt Romney said today that "domestic partnership benefits, hospital visitation rights, and the like are appropriate but that the others are not." That leaves a lot of gray area, and there are some questions he'll likely have to answer. So, what exactly does he mean by "the like?"

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Should states be allowed to deny gay couples hospital visitation rights?

Though Romney specifically called hospital visitation rights as "appropriate," he has also said that states should be able to determine the exact terms of domestic partnerships.

Does he support a federal law protecting gays against workplace discrimination?

In 1994, he told Log Cabin Republicans in Massachusetts that if he was elected to the Senate, he would co-sponsor a Federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act to protect gays against workplace discrimination. But in 2006, he told the National Journal such a law would be "overly broad" and that he'd changed his mind. He has not addressed the issue this election cycle.

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