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Duct Tape Used To Steal 23 Goats From A Hawaii Farm

A Hawaii farm had 23 purebred goats — many of them pregnant — stolen on the night of the harvest moon. Thieves used duct tape to keep the animals quiet.

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The goats were written about several times in Craigslist posts warning buyers that the goats were stolen.

Buyer beware! 23 goats stolen last night! two boer bucks and several nannies, white bodies with red heads. Also a few cream/white colored goats and one black very friendly pet goat. These goats are very friendly, raised from babies but still follow the herd. Please Call 809-284-0356 or email if you have any information on these goats. $5,000 reward!!!! For information that leads to the goats and finding the people who stole them! Thank you!

One of the posts mentioned that the goats now carry a curse, which will be inflicted if the animal is slaughtered.

If your purchased goats from a man selling goats this past friday, you need to know that these were a group of livestock stolen from a farm. The white Boer Goats with the red heads are breeding stock. All the Does were pregnant. included in the bunch was a black pet and a white pet goat. I have to tell you this is very serious. The goats now carry a curse. If you have already slaughtered one of these, I am sorry. If you want to exclude yourself and family from this, you can return the goats to their rightful owner. contact me via the e mail and i will meet you soon to pick them up.

Michelle Broder Van Dyke is a reporter and night editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Hawaii.

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