24 People Rescued From Stuck Roller Coaster At Six Flags America

At Six Flags America, 24 people were trapped Saturday on the Joker’s Jinx ride after it stopped near the top.

1. At Six Flags America in Maryland, Prince George’s County crews rescued 24 people from the Joker’s Jinx after it became stuck near the top of the ride.

3. Rescue crews were called to the ride around 2:30 p.m. ET Sunday, according to the Associated Press. It took more than four hours to rescue all of the passengers.

5. Some people were stuck as high as 79 feet off the ground, at the highest part of the coaster.

On scene technical rescue call 6-Flags America. 24 patrons stuck near the top of the Jokers Jinx

— Marc Bashoor (@PGFD_Chief)

7. Passengers were helped into a “rescue bucket” and lifted into the air by a 105-foot tower ladder before being placed on the ground, according to NBC News.

Riders being strapped in place within each car, before cars passenger restraint can be released. Then pulled 1 by 1 - 1st 2 people in bucket

— Marc Bashoor (@PGFD_Chief)

Rescue efforts still underway for riders stuck on @SixFlags roller coaster in Maryland — Live http://t.co/duBvvuoSwF

— BuzzFeed News (@BuzzFeedNews)

Photo from @BHVFD14 shows rescue operations still underway at Six Flags. #volunteers ^PLM

— PGCVFRA (@pgcvfra)

11. A spokesman for Six Flags America said in a statement that it has not been determined what caused the ride to stop but that it has a computerized safety system that “performed as it is designed to.”

.@SixFlags: Roller coaster stopped 45ft above ground, carrying 24 passengers, no injuries http://t.co/duBvvuoSwF

— BuzzFeed News (@BuzzFeedNews)

13. The Joker’s Jinx is designed to go 60 mph and flips upside down four times. The ride was added to the park in 1999.

Firefighters have reached the 1st car by tower bucket - each of 6 cars will be emptied slowly

— Marc Bashoor (@PGFD_Chief)

15. After more than four hours, all 24 passengers were rescued and evaluated by EMS before being released.

6-Flags, 10 people down, 14 to go. All will be evaluated by EMS personnel before being reunited with family and released to Park officials

— Marc Bashoor (@PGFD_Chief)

All 24 patrons in the ground. Currently evaluating all 24 with EMS.

— Marc Bashoor (@PGFD_Chief)

18. Sunday’s incident comes just a month after a roller coaster derailed at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California, injuring at least four passengers.

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