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Apple's Cash Pile To Grow 0.198% After Beating Samsung In Court

A verdict for its trial with Samsung just came in, and Samsung is going to have to pay Apple $290 million. Now, what should it do with all that cash?

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Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple another $290 million as part of a ruling on a long-running patent infringement case between the two giant manufacturers.

Samsung, whose phones for the most part run on Google's Android operating system, has emerged to become one of Apple's biggest rivals in the smartphone marketplace. It was one of the first manufacturers to popularize larger screens and new form factors like the "phablet."

So, naturally, they are duking it out in court to try and gain a competitive advantage. However, this seems more like a moral victory for Apple, which is already sitting on $146.8 billion. It's such a large pile that Apple has begun attracting activist investors like Carl Icahn, who seek to have Apple pay out part of its huge pile through share buybacks and dividends, even though it is already in the process of a $100 billion buyback program.

Apple originally sought an extra $380 million, while Samsung believed it owed Apple an extra $52 million.

Is Carl Icahn going to ask Apple to pay out that $290 million as a dividend

Matt Lynley


Is Carl Icahn going to ask Apple to pay out that $290 million as a dividend

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