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10 Tech Companies That Are Basically Hipster Indie Music Acts

There's plenty of ammo for the argument that tech professionals are basically total hipsters. But the reality is, the companies themselves are pretty much analogous to indie hipster music acts.

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Facebook is known for moving fast and breaking things. In a sense, they are the original "powerhouse" hacker haven. Everyone knows about, and uses, Facebook. As a bonus, its CEO Mark Zuckerberg is known for wearing a hoodie basically 24/7 and hanging out in San Francisco's Mission District.


Around the same time Facebook was taking off and getting ready to go public, a band called Arcade Fire released their third album, The Suburbs. They went on to headline music festivals and brought indie to the mainstream.

So, what other tech companies are basically like indie rock bands?


Instagram was just a tiny hipster photo-sharing app that exploded in popularity... and then subsequently (and very quickly) sold out for what was $1 billion at the time to Facebook.

Then there's Dropbox, one of the hottest tech startups in Silicon Valley that basically everyone uses. But they've pretty much always done the same thing since they launched: online storage.


Google is extremely useful, and just about everyone (at least the engineers) love working there. It has its share of fanboys when it comes to Android too. Google has its hands in just about all of the internet.

Apple is — in its size and importance — much like Google, except for one thing: Its fans are much more vocal (and that's putting it nicely).

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