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No One Knows Why This Woman Was Found Beaten To Death In Her Town

After 22-year-old Melissa Tuffner was killed in Argentina, her relatives and friends are spreading the word to find out what happened.

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On July 19, Melissa Tuffner was found unconscious on a street in Glew, an hour away from Buenos Aires, the Argentine capital. Three days later, she died from an internal bleeding caused by severe beating. It's still unclear who murdered her and why.

The death of Tuffner, 22, occurred at a time when Argentines have been passionately taking part in #NotOneLess (#NiUnaMenos), a social movement in South America against gender-based violence.

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On June 3, a massive march took place in several parts of Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay to demand public policies against femicide.

According to nongovernmental organizations, a woman dies due to sexist violence every 35 hours in Argentina alone.


Some people, like her brother, are expressing their pain on Facebook: "I woke up with the illusion that all this was just a nightmare, but it isn't the case. ... I won't ever get used to not seeing you every day. ... I love you and I miss you."

Tuffner had an active social media life. On her Facebook account, she would joke with her friends. One day, one of her friends used her account to post an update making a reference to a boyfriend.


The update, which was posted as a joke by Tuffner's friend, read, "Bye, bye, going out with my boyfriend." But Tuffner had never mentioned her boyfriend on any of her previous posts on social media, so everyone commented with surprise. One of her friends later said that a common friend had logged into her account and updated her status as a joke.

Her friends are posting messages thinking about her smile: "Sometimes I wonder why are we here in this life, when people with a bright future, full of life, with a beautiful smile on their faces, leave in one second, tearing apart a lovely family."


Now everybody is looking for witnesses to find out what actually happened before Tuffner was lying unconscious on the street on July 19. Local police has asked for anyone with information to reach out to them.

Lamentamos comunicar el fallecimiento de Mell Tuffner tras el brutal ataque en Glew.Si viste o sabés algo, comunicate

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