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Prominent Hedge Fund Manager Throws Shade On Critic In Message Board Fight

An anonymous commenter on a hedge fund message board criticized hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson's market-moving call on a company called MagicJack yesterday. He didn't take it well.

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Later that night, deep in the threads of the Value Investor's Club, an online message board for the hedge fund industry, an anonymous commenter called Stat820 launched an offensive on Tilson's note.

Tilson quickly responded, accepting the apology, but not before calling out Stat's weak attempt to make peace, stating, "I don’t think the problem was how I took your comments, but rather what you wrote."

All morning, other hedge funders came to Tilson's defense, with one saying his MagicJack call was "awesome" and another starting this thread:

MagicJack shares had climbed above the $17 mark around 3 p.m. on Tuesday, when Tilson posted: "It’s a great group of investors — and people — so I care about my reputation here. Hence, I’ll take the time to set the record straight if someone defames me."

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