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Bengals' Devon Still Allegedly Hasn't Paid Child Support In Months

The mother of four-year-old Leah Still says her daughter's medical bills have left them in financial duress.

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TMZ Sports reports Devon Still and Channing Smythe, mother of Leah Still, had a "voluntary arrangement" for child support, and there is no court order.


Leah's mother, Channing Smythe, released a statement through her lawyer, Gloria Allred that BuzzFeed News has read. They are asking the NFL to check if his delinquent payments violate the league's vaguely defined Personal Conduct Policy.

Smythe says Leah's medical needs prevent her from working full-time, and that they're now living with a family friend.

According to the letter:

Because Mr. Still is refusing to pay child support, Leah and her mother are unable to afford housing and are forced to live with a friend of Channing's mother who has been kind enough to allow them to live in her home.

But for the kindness of this person, Leah and Channing would be homeless because of Mr. Still's failure to pay child support.

In addition, Channing has no car of her own and cannot afford to rent one to transport Leah to the hospital in Philadelphia for treatment. Channing has been forced to ask a friend to please loan her their car to use to take Leah to and from the hospital. Channing should not have to rely on the charitable acts of acquaintances in order to transport Leah to the hospital for the medical care which is so necessary for the health and welfare of her child.

Also, to make matters worse because Mr. Still has declined to pay child support, Channing has had to rely on food stamps in order to feed their child.

In her statement, Smythe acknowledges Still's dedication to his daughter, but says he must contribute financially:

I am happy that Devon visits Leah in the hospital and cares about her. I have always encouraged Devon to be involved in her life. I know that he is a good parent to her and that he loves her, but she needs and deserves both love and child support.

The Bengals have not immediately returned a request for additional comment.

Lindsey Adler is a sports reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.

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