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Two Zebras Escaped From A Circus And Ran Through Philadelphia

After the animals were captured, police said they were "already sporting old-timey prisoner getup."

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Police captured two zebras that managed to get loose and escape from a circus in Philadelphia on Sunday, authorities said.

2 UniverSoul Circus zebras captured. Eyewitness tells me she saw 1 zebra running full speed across City Ave #CBS3

The animals could be seen running through the streets, dodging traffic as they eluded police for an hour and a half.


The zebras were eventually "safely corralled with no injuries," a UniverSoul Circus spokesperson said in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

Police are trying to corral zebras running loose in Philadelphia, @NBCPhiladelphia reports https://t.co/zCEQIlpPPq

After their capture, police joked the black and white animals were already sporting "old-timey prisoner getup."

Zebras in custody. They are already sporting old-timey prisoner getup ahead of trial and sentencing. Have faith, fellas.

Some Twitter users were rooting for the Philly zebras and were saddened when the animals were captured.

they're circus zebras. be FREE CIRCUS ZEBRAS. BE FREEEEEEEEEE. NEVER BE A CIRCUS ZEBRA AGAIN. https://t.co/hrZqJJbI5q

Now I'm sad that the zebra has to go back to the circus. :(

Others saw a lighter side to the story.

"In West Philadelphia wantin' to graze. Was at a circus, now I'm just running away." #zebra

An investigation is currently underway by UniverSoul Circus, the company said, to determine how the animals were able to escape.

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