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This Toddler And Duck Are Best Friends And It Will Warm Your Heart

"From day one, they've never been apart."

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This is Tyler, a 19-month-old boy, and Beaker, a one-year-old white crested duck. They are the best of friends. / Via Facebook: 950343918384718

Tyler's mom, Jennifer Young, told BuzzFeed News that Tyler was just 9 months old when they brought the duckling to their home in Magnolia, Texas and the two bonded instantly.

Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: 950343918384718

Young and her husband, Christopher, had about 10 pet ducks at the time.

Christopher left to a supply store for duck feed one day and came back with Beaker. The store, which requires customers to buy at least two ducks because they are flock animals, had a third duckling in need of a home.

The store owner knew the Youngs had other ducks so he made an exception and sold the single duckling to the family.

"I don't know the how and why they bonded," said Young. "They were just two peas in a pod."

Facebook: permalink.php / Via Facebook: permalink.php

Beaker was trained to live inside the house with his best friend, Tyler, and the rest of the family.

He wears a black duck harness with a diaper pad inside designed to catch all his poop.


They do everything together, said Young. / Via Facebook: 950343918384718

When Tyler was learning to walk, Beaker stayed close to his side.

Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: 950343918384718

Beaker sleeps in a pen inside the house near a baby monitor which connects to another monitor in Tyler's room. Beaker will start pacing in his pen and quacking as soon as he hears Tyler stirring in his room, said Young.

Sometimes Beaker flies out and runs to Tyler's door to wait for him to come out, she said.

"It was just kind of an instant bond," said Young. "From day one, they've never been apart." / Via Facebook: 950343918384718

Some of Young's family were initially skeptical about her unusual choice in a family pet. But for Tyler it's completely normal, she said. / Via Facebook: 950343918384718

"To him if he didn't have Beaker it would be an odd, odd world," she said. "As far as I know he thinks everyone has a pet duck."

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